अब आज़ाद है, तो हाँ,

ये आज़ादी अच्छी लगती है

कीमत चुकाने वाले कोई और थे

शायद इसलिए हमे थोड़ी सस्ती लगती है !!


इकतरफा इश्क़

तेरी उलझी हुई सी धड़कने, मेरी ज़िन्दगी को उलझा ना दे
सीने में तेरे जो आग है, वो मेरे वज़ूद को झुलसा ना दे |

तेरी दीवानगी है या सिर्फ आवारगी, मुझे फर्क नहीं पड़ता
तेरे लिए जो ख़ूबसूरत एक खवाब है,
कल को ज़माना ये दाग मेरे माथे पे लगा ना दे|

तू है पहाड़ पे बसे उस आज़ाद माकन सा, और मैं गांव की नीलम हवेली सी
तेरी ये बहती सी ताज़ा हवाएं, मेरी दीवारों की घुटन बढ़ा ना दे|

चल मान लिया की तू मेरे प्यार में खर्च है,
मगर मेरा नाम तो किसी और बहीखाते में दर्ज है

अंगड़ाइयां लेता तेरा ये सफर, कही छाले मेरे पैसे के बढ़ा ना दे
तेरे लिए जो ख़ूबसूरत एक खवाब है,
कल को ज़माना ये दाग मेरे माथे पे लगा ना दे|

Loosing – A Part of Life

The moment when your heart jumps thousand feet at once
Shadow of self doubt lumps up in your throat
And only goes upwards
Makes its way out of your eyes
Salty waterfalls on your cheeks
Lump in your throat diminishing slowly
Leaving a hollow box inside
Locked out
Never to be found again
Iike the bond which is now dissolved
And here you are, yet again
Loosing a part of yourself
Everytime you lost someone
Dead or alive, mostly alive

Mother’s day Special


First of all, I did not plan to write any such post for Mother’s day. This is not a poem or article which I am planning to dedicate to my mother as it might seem form the title rather a personal opinion on celebrations going on various social media networks today.

It just happened when I was scrolling through my Facebook wall in the morning and saw lots of pictures and thankful messages for their mothers. Then I thought of doing the same (put a picture with mom and a big message with “lots of dots and exclamation marks!!”) but somehow I kept scrolling further (as we usually do once we have opened FB). There I came across with a video ad by Amazon ‘What your Mom wants, cannot be ordered online’ – This line really got me thinking that what is it that a mother wants?

What do you think a Mom wants?

Is it a profile pic update with your mom and a message on Facebook?

Definitely not! If you ask me. (Maybe I think so, because my Mom does not have FB account) so she would be happier if I posted her a letter with an old picture.

Then what is it that she actually wants or may expect from us on so called ‘Special day’ for mothers (even though Indian mothers don’t really expect anything from anyone <you know what I mean, wink>)?

After a while I realized that my Mother would be on cloud 9 if I went to some temple regularly for a year or even for a month or you know, even for a week. This would give her a sense of authority on me and a feeling that she has a say in what I do in my life and that I actually listen to her when I am pretending not to.

I just want to say that on this day let her know that you love her and not the 500 or 1000 friends you have on social media (people whose mother is on the friend list are excluded from this).  Hug her for 3 long minutes if you are lucky to be with her today. Maybe call her and say I love you if you are away.

And if you really want to win the competition, Get married if you are not married already (yeah, I can see the disgusting faces) your mother might continue dancing till next mother’s day and then you can have kids to carry on with the tradition maybe <wink>

Jokes apart, I just wanted to say that posting picture and messages are fine but let it not be the only thing you do for her on this ‘special’ day rather any other day.

Happy Mother’s day.




It’s not that you hurt me

But you let it happen

when I hurt myself

when you could have come along

and put me out of my misery

I wonder

I wonder how do you remain so calm

when I am traversing through volcanoes

I want to be like you

Every step I take

to come closer to you

to be more like you

I behave more like myself

I wish to blend myself

in you

not to guard myself

but to have you

and to be more like you

but the closer I get

I become more of myself

Smell of a Broken Promise

Sunny-GirlA string of broken promises

Unbearable yet acceptable

Suffocating air all around

I can’t breathe even he can’t

And yes we are

Devastated, in opposite corners

Buried the guilt and grief

I make the first move this time


Deep down somewhere in the sea

Of irreparable emotions

Fear of repetition is crawling

Shivering nerves and

Thoughts hitting hard

Doesn’t let me to ‘let go’

And hoping it’s a good thing

I am breathing the smell

Of a broken promise

And it keeps my soul awake!!